Lavina 30 GTX 3-Head Propane Planetary Grinding And Polishing Machine

Lavina 30 GTX 3-Head Propane Planetary Grinding And Polishing Machine

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Propane Model - No cables, no generators, no hassle. Ideal for projects where power is not available.

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Lavina 30 GTX Propane Planetary Grinding And Polishing Machine

The upgraded model L30G-GTX features our new propane engine conversion kit with closed loop fuel management system, which provides optimal air-to-fuel ratio and better fuel range.


  • Truly Variable Speed Engine - machine can be run between 570 and 1030 rpms, allowing for more effective grinding and improved tooling life
  • The highest power output in the 603CC Class in the industry
  • EPA Blue Sky Engine Series - Engines operate much cleaner beating the EPA standard by 40% and the CARB standard by 50%, and thus earning the Blue Sky recognition

LAVINA 30G (30-inch / 765-mm) is one of the best selling concrete grinders. It takes literally no time to set up on the job site - just roll it out of the trailer and start grinding! It can be used for all grinding and polishing applications of concrete, terrazzo, and stone floors. It is very efficient and productive - 900-1100 square feet on average with metal bond tools and 1500+ square feet with resin bond tools. It can be easily converted to a 25-inch model with 3x9-inch heads.

Machine Features:

  • A low-profile base for reaching beneath shelves and cabinets
  • Propane-powered Kawasaki engine FX600V, 603cc
  • Three 13.2-inch grinding heads
  • Machine weight - 628 lbs, Grinding Pressure - 393 lbs, 521 lbs with weights
  • Forced Chain-driven planetary drive which makes it more rigid and aggressive for grinding
  • Upgraded belt system prevents belt slippage and eliminates the need for belt tensioning, so it it easier to maintain
  • New locking system on the base and main handles for more efficient handle adjustment